Screen Protector is a very essential accessory after the purchase of your expensive Smartphone to keep your mobile phone in great condition for a long time by protecting from everyday scratches, breakage, or any other damage.

You need an extra layer of protection of Screen Guard over your normal mobile phone screen if you are heavy-handed.

The replacement or repairing of a damaged screen could cost you a lot. so, spending some nominal extra amount for the better screen protector is presumably the most ideal approach to decrease the chances of getting damaged.

Buying a generic screen protector is destructive. It is like wearing gloves to get away from soil and anticipating that it should secure your wrist bones against the break.

Selection of the best screen protector for the mobile phone is a tricky task. In general search, you notice that there are two main options available in the market and at online stores and they are soft Screen Protector films and tough Tempered Glass Screen Protectors.

This information will assist you justly so that you can make an abreast decision.

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Plastic Screen Guard Film

The plastic screen guard films are universally found in the online stores and local markets. They have both benefits and drawbacks.


  • Plastic films are made from flexible material for long time use. It protects the screen from the key scratches in the pocket or even sudden drop from a height.
  • Generally, they are reusable. You can easily take them off, store and use it again later.
  • The screen touch sensor works smoothly as compared to toughened glass.
  • Some plastic screen protectors are specially designed for the curved edge screens.


  • Due to plastic characteristics, it loses clarity over time and after sometime looks like abhorrent.
  • The scratches and marks are easily visible on the plastic screen protector.
  • Screen damage resistance is low because of the thinner film layer.
  • You have to frequently clear the fingerprint marks after the usage as no fingerprint-resistant coating on the plastic film.
  • Ignorance of the small scratches for a long time, may cause a serious issue and end up with cracks on the screen.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

These type of screen guards are opposite of the plastic screen protectors. They are made of specially processed glass.

The oleo-phobic nano-coating, anti-shatter film and visible silicone coating give immense strength to the tempered glass.

The benefits and drawbacks of the tempered glass screen protector are as below.


  • They are much durable and sturdier in character than the plastic screen guards.
  • Tempered glasses have a special coating to protect from scratches and other damages.
  • The oleo-phobic coating protects screen from fingerprints and oil smudges.
  • You may not even notice that tempered glass is on your mobile phone screen as it gives a crystal clear look and adds more perfect pairs with cases.
  • The cleaning of the smartphone screen much easier as the surface of the tempered glass is scratch resistance and smooth.
  • In any circumstance, if the screen guard breaks, it disperses into small pieces and doesn't compromise with the safety of the mobile phone screen.


  • You should be cautious while applying and using the tempered glass as the possibility of the cracks and leaves bubble increases.
  • The prices are high as compared to the plastic layered guard film.

iSOUL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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