iSoul Car Charger Adapter - Features and Useful Tips

A Car Charger Adapter is a useful gadget to put up your iPhone or Android devices alive while you travel. So, if you are planning to travel, iSoul Car Charger is a must-have accessory to keep your device powered up in the case of any emergency or to route you to your destination.

As more functions are added to cell phones every day, you had to expect that their charging capacity lives long last, but that is hardly the case. Battery limit has scarcely expanded over the most recent 3 to 4 years when compared to innovation. As applications and internet usage get bigger, their effect on your phone battery to drain drastically and even some devices do not last through the day. Therefore, you need to charge to hold back your device running so the Car Charger is an imperative appliance in the car.

There are several types of car chargers available in the market. Here are some useful tips and precautions that you should be aware of whenever you use your adapter to charge your device.

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Prevent Car Battery Draining:

To stop car battery depleting, it is recommended to unplug the adapter from a car lighter socket when not in use. Some chargers use a car battery and may exhaust its capacity even it is not in use.

However, the iSoul in-Car Charger has a smart charging IC chip and it is CE, FCC & RoHS certified. It will not only prevent car battery draining but also control the temperature, protect against overheating and short circuits.

Device Compatibility:

At the time of purchase of a car cigarette lighter charger, ensure that it is compatible with your requirements to charge your mobile phones and other devices while you go. There are some standards, but some of them are manufactured with exceptions and cheap quality.

iSoul Charger has dual ports and offers high speed charging to a mobile phone or tablet or MacBook for uninterrupted performance of the device.

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Prevent downgrading device battery:

Overcharge the battery may steadily downgrade the battery life cycle. As per experts, fully charging and fully discharging maintains the health of the battery. It is recommended no to leave the device plugged in longer than they have to be, or may seriously damage to battery life.

iSoul charger has Qualcomm 3.0 Chip to reduce charging time for efficiency. It recharges compatible devices up to four times faster than any other conventional charger and prevents downgrading your device's battery lifespan.

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Features of Dual Port USB Car Charger:

  • Dual charging ports car adapter
  • Fast car charger mini
  • Supports sat nav dash cam XS XR pro max
  • Qc 3.0 car charger chip for fast charging
  • Best charger for iPhone Samsung Galaxy iPad iPod


  • It is not a wireless car charger hence charging cable and cigarette lighter socket required for phone charging