Pen Loop

pen loop

The Pen Loop is cool stationery from the office supplies range. Never lose your pen again, iSOUL presents an elastic pen holder that is an easy way to add a handy pen holder to a notebook, journal or planner that doesn't have the feature to hold the pen. You just have to peel the back sticker and stick it on to where you want.

pen loop for planner

Pen Loops work the best with writing tools like Stylus Pen, ballpoints, pencils, sketch pens and more. It may be difficult to slide in and out with rubberized pens due to friction and high grip. But, it will not let you lose your pen again.

pen loop holder

Pen Loop For Notebook

This Elastic Pen Holder is the ideal for use with notebooks, journals, planners, laptops, desktop, tablet, mobile phone and more places where you want it. You just have to peel the back sticker, clean the surface where you want to install and stick it.

Remember that it is designed to stick for one place and not removed and stuck somewhere else. It's a good idea to figure out where you want to install and what pen you want to use with this holder. It is recommended that you place your Pen Loop without peeling and figure out the perfect place to use it as the most convenient.

pen loop for notebook

Once your Pen Loop Sticker is used up, you have to get another Pen Loop Holder, because even if the Pen Loops For Notebooks made from the best quality materials, over the time they wear out.

Pen Loop Holder

This Pen Loop For Planner is not a fool-proof way to protect from losing your writing tools like Stylus, pen, pencils, dabbers, etc. This Pen Loop For Apple Pencil protects you to lose your valuable writing tool but you still need to take care to not lose your valuable writing tools like Apple Pencil and more.

pen loop for apple pencil